Fantom Wallet - Aluminum

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  • Instant Access - Fan your cards with one flick of your finger.
  • Razor Thin & Featherweight - As low as 0.3” (8mm) thick and 1 ounce. 
  • RFID/NFC Blocking (Not applicable to the carbon fiber version)
  • Coin Holder - For storing store coins, spare keys, SD cards, and USB drives. 
  • Money Clip - Sold separately, the optional money clip holds your bills securely.

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Carbon Fiber Fantom Wallet

Titanium Money Clip


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9 Reviews

Reuben 2018 Feb 23rd

Black Aluminum Fantom Wallet

Great overall wallet. I ordered the coin holder version with a 6-10 card capacity. I was initially upset over how much wider it made the wallet (about 4 credit cards thicker). But once I loaded it up with cards and coins, its size felt perfectly fine when placed in my front pocket. The coin holder holds about 6 quarters in there and I was surprised by how often I found myself digging into it to grab a water or soda from any random vending machine. When I'm paying with cash, I usually take out an extra quarter or two, that I typically wouldn't have on me with my normal bifold wallet, to round up my change to get that full dollar back. The coins do rattle when in the holder, fortunately it doesn't bother me too much but I can see it being annoying to others. It also looks great with the gold money clip + black wallet combo. Tip: Don't overload your wallet with cards, it scratched my metal credit card when tried forcefully inserting the cards in it. Keep it one card less from capacity.

Ryan 2018 Feb 20th

Fantom 10

First got it and made the mistake of immediately assuming I had purchased a gimmick. Cards didn’t fan fact cards didn’t fan well at all. Then I broke it in, like they suggest. Yep-this is a great product. Cards fan wonderfully now, and if you follow their suggestions the wallet can really make your life simpler. I regret nothing and highly recommend this product.

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