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Cult of Mac

"Even with a driver’s license, two credit cards, a library card and gift card, the Fantom remained light."

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Material Gear

"The Fantom Wallet is an ultra slimline solution that features a unique innovation to display cards in an instant." 

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Firestarter (German)

"There are much smaller Slim Wallets on the market. But if you have the haptics and functionality beyond the size, the Fantom Wallet is an awesome toy, which has all the features to serve as a full-fledged wallet."

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Daily Hive

"You’ll notice a significant weight lifted off your pockets."

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The Gadgeteer

"It’s slim and it has that cool card eject feature." 

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Geeky Gadgets

"The Fantom wallet is not only capable of carrying your credit cards and providing quick access to them, but is also capable of carrying coins, keys, SD cards..."

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Minimalist Wallets

"The Fantom has a unique system for card storage and access." 

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Gear Hungry

"Pull its lever with your thumb and all contained cards fan out, so you can quickly grab the right one or scan your RFID entry card."

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"Still featuring an incredibly slim profile, this metal wallet has a clever eject lever built into it that fans your cards out with just a flick."

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Starting Things Up

"This product could be the next James Bond gadget!"

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"The Fantom Wallet is designed with all around quick access in mind." 

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Cool Things

"Unlike other card wallets that can carry just cards and a few folded bills, the wallet can be customized to carry coins, keys, receipts, and memory cards just like a regular billfold." 

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