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Fantom - The Fan-Out Credit Card Wallet

The Fantom Wallet’s aluminum version has radio-frequency identification (RFID) blocking technology that keeps your credit card information safe from potential theft. This aluminum RFID slim wallet weighs as little as 1.4oz, and you can choose both the color and size that you want. The attachable money clip and coin holder also have several colors for you to choose from.

Use our 360 Gallery of the Fantom Wallet to view the wallet from every angle. Click the up and down arrows to change the color of this fan-out credit card wallet to see what yours would look like once you’ve fully customized it.

Please note that only our aluminum variety is an RFID blocking wallet. Our Instagram feed shows off all the different customized variations of our carbon fiber slim wallet and aluminum RFID slim wallet.

Order your Fantom Wallet today, and you’ll quickly see why our wallet is the best on the market. Be sure to consider our aluminum RFID blocking wallet—it’s truly the best in its class.

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