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Designed With You In Mind

With the patent-pending Fantom Wallet, you can carry cards, cash, and coins. When you have the right things on hand, it becomes easier to adapt between work and life's adventures. Fan out the cards with a flick of a finger, all your cards are instantly available. Everything you need is always ready at your disposal. With three different sizes, we have the perfect Fantom Wallet for you.  


Brought to You by Kickstarter

The Fantom Wallet was brought to reality by the immense support of over 5000 backers from around the world on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. Thanks to our backers, the Fantom Wallet is now available for retail. Please feel free to check out our Kickstarter campaign that was successfully funded in April 2017:

Fantom Wallet Kickstarter Campaign Page


Fantom Wallet Features

  • Instant Access: The ergonomic thumb lever is designed for one-handed operation. One flick of your thumb and your cards are fanned, ready for you to select the card of your choice. The quick draw slot allows for instant access to the top card.
  • One-handed Operation: With the Fantom Wallet's integrated quick card slot, you can easily withdraw your top card with one swift motion.
  • Razor Thin: The Fantom 7 Wallet is only 0.3" (8mm), just 0.08" (2mm) thicker than the cards it’s holding. Simply put, this is the thinnest wallet ever made.
  • Featherweight: The Carbon Fiber Fantom 7 Wallet weighs exactly 1 ounce. Using the same materials as aircrafts and race cars, we managed to make the Fantom Wallet the same weight as a single slice of bread.
  • RFID/NFC Blocking: With the cards retracted, the Fantom Wallet will dampen the signals, reducing the risk of being activated, selected and copied. Once the lever is pulled, the card will be exposed and ready to use at the transit turnstile or making a tap payment all without removing the card from the wallet. Not applicable to the carbon fiber version.
  • Secure: Easy access doesn't mean unsecured. The Fantom Wallet is carefully engineered so that the cards will not fall out even when the cards are fanned out or if the wallet isn't full. The cards come out only when you need them.
  • Coin Holder: The Fantom Wallet with the coin compartment holds coins up to 0.12" (3mm) in thickness. The coins are secured in using the thumb lever as a door. In addition to coins, the holder can be used to store spare keys, SD cards, and USB drives. 
  • Money Clip: The strong and light Grade 5 Titanium money clip allows you to store your bills securely. The money clip will include a pair of screws and a hex key to install onto your Fantom Wallet. It can be installed on either front or the back side of the wallet. The clip comes sandblasted in its natural color or it can have an anodized finish in Purple, Blue or Gold. 


Want to Learn More About the Fantom Wallet? Please check out our official Fantom Wallet Website:

Fantom Wallet Official Website



January 1, 2018

Happy New Year! We are continuing with assembling and shipping wallets!  If you place a new order now, we expect your order to be shipped around 3 weeks of ordering. Due to the busy holiday season, it's possible to take longer. Rest assured, we are doing our best and working with our fulfillment partner to get wallets into your hands as fast as possible. Thank you very much for your patience!


December 1, 2017

Wow, it's December now! We've fulfilled all Kickstarter pledges and we are happy to announce that we have already started shipping out web store pre-orders. Thank you very much for your patience! If you place a new order now, we expect your order to be shipped within 2-3 weeks of ordering. Order Yours NOW!


November 10, 2017

It's already November. We have shipped out more wallets for over half of our Kickstarter backers now. After fulfilling all pledges from Kickstarter, we will be shipping the web store pre-orders. At this moment, we are on schedule for a late November delivery.


October 5, 2017

Once again thank you for pre-ordering the Fantom Wallet! As mentioned, our official release date is December 2017 for web store pre-orders. Production of Fantom Wallets is complete and we are in the assembly phase now. We have also begun fulfilling orders from our Kickstarter backers. These are the people who helped bring the Fantom Wallet to reality. We are on schedule for a late November/December delivery for web store pre-orders.


August 27, 2017

Thank you very much for pre-ordering the Fantom Wallet! Our official release date is December 2017 for web store pre-orders. As the Fantom Wallet is composed of different components, we've broken down our status update into different major components below:

  • Aluminum Plates: All plates finished 
  • Carbon Fiber Plates: All plates finished 
  • Various Fasteners: Production completed. Plating completed
  • Wallet Frame Components: Production completed 
  • Money Clips: Production completed. Anodizing to be completed by the end of August
  • Packaging Boxes: Production completed

To ensure the quality of each Fantom Wallet, we have begun our small batch assembly process. We expect to finish this process in September. 

We are currently slightly ahead of our schedule, and are aiming to start shipping the Fantom Wallet earlier than planned.