4 Accessories To Swap Out For Spring

ultra slim wallet

When it comes to fashion and style, accessories often take a backseat. But accessories are also one of the staples of an outfit.

That said, when you're revamping your closet for the spring these next month, don't forget to swap out the following accessories for something fresh and new.

  1. Your wallet. Winter is almost over, which means you'll be losing those layers of fleece. That also means you won't be able to hide a thicker wallet in an even thicker jacket. The good news is you can use a minimalist money clip or ultra slim wallet so your wallet doesn't look obvious in your jeans or shorts.

  2. Your hat. Beanies are a winter staple because they serve as both a style piece and a winter hat to keep your ears warm. But soon that beanie will start to make your neck sweat under the warm sun. Swap out your beanie for a classic baseball cap instead. Just be sure to stick with a cap in a neutral color so you can pair it with any outfit.

  3. Your watch. Your watch is often used as a statement piece, especially during the winter months when you're wearing darker and neutral colors. But as we head into spring, you'll be switching out those neutrals for brighter, bolder colors and patterns. To keep from overwhelming your outfit or taking the attention away from your clothes, swap out your watch for a neutral option. You can also use a slim leather bracelet instead of a watch for the same minimalist effect if that's more your style.

  4. Your sunglasses. The sunglasses you find during the winter months usually have thicker rims because slim, metal rims can be too cold on your face. Swap out these thicker glasses for aviators for a fresh, clean look this spring.

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The majority of new fashion consumers are between the ages of 16 and 34, and if there's one fashion piece Millennials and Generation Z are known for its skinny jeans. An ultra slim wallet or money clip is great because it lets you keep your cash and your cards on hand without the bulk of a thick wallet.

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