4 Easy Ways To Slim Your Wallet

Bulky wallets put unnecessary wear on your clothes, look unappealing, and are difficult to organize. If you’re one of the many people that feel their wallets have gotten out of hand, here are four easy ways to slim your wallet. It may surprise you how much freer you feel after adopting one or more of these options.

Carry Less Cash

Nowadays, people have fewer and fewer uses for cash. Most restaurants and stores take debit and credit cards, and all online transactions are obviously cashless. A good many people have already stopped using cash in favor of digital or credit alternatives. If you have not already, you should consider this as an easy alternative to filling your wallet with spacious dollar bills.

Get a Slimmer Wallet

Necessity is the mother of invention. If you purchase a wallet so small that you cannot fill it with countless cards, receipts, and dollars, it will amaze you to see how quickly your items downsize to match the new reality. Also, slim wallets, like the thin aluminum wallet, are becoming more in style. If you’re still lugging around a heavy, thick wallet, you’ll love how refreshing and stylish it is to slim down a bit.

Put a Card Limit on Yourself

Managing the items that organize your life requires a great deal of self-control. It often becomes necessary to stick to rules when you’re trying to make a change in your life. To that end, if you want to limit the size of a bulky wallet, it can be helpful to set a card limit. You definitely need your ID, your debit, and maybe bus or train cards; however, ask yourself if you need much else. It is more than likely that you do not need more than five cards in your wallet at any given time.

Find Digital Alternatives

Of the four easy ways to slim your wallet, perhaps the most forward-thinking would be to find digital alternatives for much of the clutter. You can likely store many of the extra cards weighing you down digitally using apps such as KeyRing or Card Mate. That way, at any time, you can still access those cards.