6 Reasons You Should Buy a Carbon Filter Wallet

With more and more people paying mind to animal rights and calls for environmental protection, old-fashioned leather wallets are becoming less popular. People are also shying away from carrying cash and opting to take credit and debit cards instead. Many businesses have phased out the option to pay in cash, and who can blame them, in this digital age?

The more cards you have, and the more you use them, the higher the odds are of losing them. This is why you need a unique credit card wallet. The following are reasons why you should ditch your leather wallet for one of these credit card wallets.

1. They are Beautifully Designed

Credit card wallets come with beautiful designs and with the options to buy in different colors. They are also made in a minimalistic fashion, ensuring that they do not take much space in your pockets and aren’t bulky. They are super thin wallets that feel elegant and inconspicuous, yet immensely functional.

2. They Have a High Carrying Capacity

Credit card wallets are only a little bit bigger than credit cards but can carry quite a lot. Although the wallets come in different models and sizes, most of them have enough compartments to allow you to carry up to seven cards. They also have a money clip to hold cash, meaning you will have all that you need in your small, efficient credit card wallet.

3. They Protect Your Credit Card Information

The best aluminium wallet you can buy to carry your credit card in may help save you lots of cash. This is because it helps protect you from credit card theft. They have RFID blocking technology, which prevents RFID skimming. RFID skimming happens when thieves use radio technology to obtain your credit card number, expiration date, and your full name, which are all integrated into the card’s stripe.

Identity theft is a prevalent crime. In 2017 alone, around 16.7 million people fell prey to identity theft. You should buy a credit card wallet to ensure that you don’t become a victim of RFID skimming.

4. They are Long Lasting

Credit card wallets are crafted from durable, reliable materials that allow them to work better for longer. Credit card wallets come are made using carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum, and other sturdy materials that can withstand the pressures of regular use. Carbon fiber credit card wallets are also not susceptible to scratching, and this will ensure they serve you for a long, long time.

5. They are Environmentally Sustainable

Traditional wallets were made from the hides and skins of different animals, especially cattle. Credit card wallets, on the other hand, are made from carbon fiber, a long-lasting material that ensures your wallet lasts way longer than traditional wallets. They are made from materials that do not harm the environment in any way whatsoever, and although the wallets themselves may not be biodegradable, they work so well for so long that you may never have to replace it.

Buying these wallets will help you do your small bit for animals and their rights.

6. They are Compact

Credit card wallets are going to get rid of the pocket bump forever since they are small and ultra-thin. They also provide a compact space to carry your cards, meaning they hold all your cards snugly in place, and this protects them from slipping or sliding out of the wallet.

Final Words

You shouldn’t store your credit card wallet in the same pocket with your keys, as this may lead to scratch marks on the surface over a long period. Many aluminum credit cards are anodized, meaning they are coated to make them shine through the color and protect the aluminum from oxidizing. If you don’t have one, now you know why it is a good idea to ditch your old leather wallet for a new ultra-slim credit card wallet.