6 Things That Women Should Know When Buying a Wallet

Choosing a credit card wallet can be complicated. There are hundreds of wallets out there that one can choose, from flimsy fake leather knockoffs to modern, titanium wallet money clips. With changing technology, there are new wallets in the market, which increases the confusion you'll face when choosing a wallet. Increasingly, many men and women are caught in between the old standard wallet and the add-on money clip wallet. However, there are some factors that women should put into considerations when they are choosing wallets.

1. Material Used

For women, materials can play a major role in selecting fashion products. While many women put more money and thought into their purse selection, a sleek, leather wallet is a must-have accessory for many shoppers. Regardless of the particular style you prefer, most shoppers will look for wallets made from durable materials. After all, a good wallet should last for five to ten years. No one will be interested in buying a stylish wallet, only for that same wallet to wear and tear after a few months on the job. In addition to leather, there are new options on the market as well. Specifically, more men and women are investing in wallets and money clips made from metals such as titanium.

2. Add-On Money Clip

An add-on Money clip gives the wallet an extra level of safety, especially when it comes to lost cards and credit card fraud. A large number of people are now moving from the standard wallet to add-on money clip wallets that have been designed to increase the safety of credit cards. As of 2017, 16.8% of identity fraud cases were related to credit card fraud. Therefore, getting an add-on money clip wallet is essential in preventing identity fraud theft that is associated with credit cards.

3. Custom Wallets

In the wallet industry, it's always difficult to get a custom wallet. What you are likely to get is a wallet that meets 90% of what you are likely to be looking for in a wallet. That is fantastic because you will only have to deal with 10% that doesn't meet the criteria of your custom wallet. However, you can now find bespoke wallet manufacturing companies to build your wallet exactly to your specifications. That is the only way you will be able to get a wallet that has been made to meet 100% of your specific needs.

4. Color

When a wallet is used as a fashion accessory, color is just as important as materials used. Most fashionable women are not attracted to dull and conservative products. They need attractive, stylish products that spark joy. That is what they will be checking when they are buying a new wallet. Therefore, you'll be looking for a wallet in a color that matches the clothes that you will be wearing. However, color contrasting is also a major aspect in the fashion industry, which gives you a chance to select a wallet that has a different color than you would normally wear.

5. Easy Access Wallet

Easy access wallets are a popular new product. In our increasingly cash-less world, more shoppers are looking for wallets that allow them to easily pull out their credit cards. Of course, most women's wallets are hand-held, which means that they are vulnerable and can easily be stolen. While you want your wallet to be easy to access for yourself, you don't want one that's easy access for thieves. To increase the security of your cash, cards, and IDs, outer add-on money clips can securely hold your valuables.

6. Size of the Wallet

The size of the wallet is a major consideration among anyone who is buying wallets. While many men have bulky, back-pain inducing wallets, many women prefer slimmer wallets that can easily fit inside a variety of purses, from tiny designer clutches to bohemiam bucket bags. There's no single size that works for everyone, so consider what size wallet will best suit your needs.

Even if you do opt for a larger wallet, it's good to have options. Sometimes you will need a smaller wallet, especially when you are traveling. An ultra slim wallet will be very efficient when moving around and you can hold it securely in your hands.

Choosing a wallet is always an important decision, as this is a product you will likely depend on every day. Add-on money clips are becoming fashionable and attractive to many women due to the safety of credit cards. These factors are very useful when choosing a wallet, but it is important to make sure that personal tastes and preferences are considered as well.