A Simple History of the Wallet

It’s crazy to think that something that we use every single day like the wallet wasn’t always around. The wallet since has grown tremendously since the 1600s when it was created. Continue reading for a simple history of the wallet, and get a better idea of the creation of the wallet and how it changed over time.

The Beginning

Wallets were invented shortly after the invention of paper currency. Makes sense, right? People used to use small purses to hold their coins. Inspired by this, the creators of the wallet designed a piece that would work better for paper. The first wallet was made of horse or cow leather and acted as a small pouch for paper currency and other important papers.

Development Over Time

Over time, the wallet experienced many advancements and changes, as did many other items. When the credit card was created in the 1950s, wallet designs changed to include additional slots.

People began creating a great variety of wallet designs. A few examples include the Velcro wallet, money clip, and even wallets like the card fanning wallet. Differences between men’s and women’s wallets also began to grow. While all wallets essentially function in the same way, there is still a multitude of design differences.

Modern Wallets

Nowadays, everyone owns a wallet. Wallets allow people to store their cash, debit and credit cards, licenses, and other forms of identification. There are endless opportunities for size and design. Wallet development continues today. With today’s technology, nefarious individuals can use RFID to gather personal information from credit cards in wallets. Some wallets are now incorporating RFID protection to keep personal information from being stolen. How awesome is that?

Wallets were created when paper currency was invented in the 1600s—now, they can feature RFID protection. This simple history of the wallet demonstrates how wallets have changed over the years.

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