Advantages of Having a Titanium Money Clip

Most new consumers of fashion are between the ages of 16 to 24 or 25 to 34. The new generation of money clips appeals to these age groups. While more people overall are using cards and digital methods of payment instead of cash, young men who do use cash are skipping the traditional bi-fold wallet and using money clips instead. Wallets are bulky and are harder to access than money clips. If they're overloaded, they can even contribute to back pain in some people. For a generation that's all about wellness, that simply won't do.

The minimalist money clip is an appealing alternative to the traditional wallet. Young people use smartphone apps for store loyalty cards and receipts, so they don't need to carry these items. The titanium money clip is a popular option. Since titanium is non-magnetic, it won't demagnetize your credit cards. A money clip can hold just enough cash and a few cards for a night out. They are simple in design, another aspect of their appeal.

While some money clips come in a range of colors, the black titanium money clip appeals to many men who want a stylish look. It can be used alone -- or with some models, it can be attached to a slim credit card wallet. A credit card wallet holds several credit cards and ID cards, securing them until you're ready to reach for them. An aluminum credit card wallet offers protection from radio-frequency identification (RFID), which allows thieves to access your credit card data. It is designed to keep your cards in place.

Combining a carbon fiber or aluminum wallet and a black titanium money clip gives you a stylish, lightweight option for carrying both cards and cash. Some come with an optional coin holder to keep track of change. To fan out your cards from the credit card wallet, you simply press a lever.

If you just want to carry a money clip for a small amount of cash, you have that option, too. This is the most lightweight choice of all, and it keeps your credit cards stashed safely at home. The ways in which we use money is changing, and products such as credit card wallets and money clips reflect those changes. If you're interested in learning more about the black titanium money clip or any of our related products, visit our online store today.