Build Your Own Wallet! Control How You Carry Your Cards, Cash

You don't have to settle for the big, bulky wallets of yesteryear. Not only are these old-fashioned wallets hopelessly out of date, but they can even cause back pain when carried in your back pocket. Instead, you can build your own wallet for the modern age. And, no, we're not talking about building a wallet out of duct tape like you might have done in middle school. We're talking about a sleek, modern wallet designed to keep your cards, cash, and ID safe and secure.

So if you're ready for a different kind of wallet, then the time has come to discover the Fantom Wallet. The Fantom is to regular wallets what human beings are to chimpanzees. They may contain a lot of the same basic genetic code, but the difference is huge. Even better, the Fantom Wallet comes in a variety of custom finishes, which means you can build your own wallet exactly to your specifications.

Whether you are a world-traveler or just a guy that likes to stay organized, you can build your own wallet and get the wallet that best complements your lifestyle. Learn more about why you should take advantage of customization options.

First, there is a lot of buzz surrounding the latest wallets to hit the men's fashion market. Fashionable early adopters are already carrying ultra thin wallets. If you are part of the 43% of consumers that are influenced by personal recommendations, then you likely have already looked into buying one of these wallets. They are popular because they are easy to use, customizable, secure, and look great as well.

Start With a Rugged Slim Line Wallet

First order of business when it comes to building your wallet is to choose a slim line hard shell wallet. We all know what happens to canvas and leather wallets over time. We also know how important it is to protect your cards from unauthorized scanning. A metal or composite material shell is vital to durability and safety.

Choose from:

Once you have chosen your wallet material, then it is time to choose the right custom options to ensure that your wallet fits your needs.

Custom Attachments

Many ultra thin wallets are primarily advertised as card holders. However, many men are still looking for a wallet that holds coins and cash, too. Fortunately, new wallets like the Fantom Wallet can be customized with additional features. You can add a money clip to your wallet to ensure you always have a place to stick some cash.

If a money clip is not your thing, then you can add a cash strap plate instead. This way, you can still tuck your money into your wallet.

When you choose to build your own wallet, you can finally have a durable wallet that feels like it was built just for you. Safety, security, ease of use, all the things that define a great wallet are all available with the right customizable wallet.

Learn more about the wallet that everyone can’t stop talking. Once you've selected the right features and custom finishes, you can build your own wallet today.