Can Your Cellphone Break Your Credit Card?

Getting to the cashier and having your card not work is extremely frustrating. Many automatically assume that it’s an issue with the bank or the cashier’s system. Yet, other issues could occur that many don’t ever consider—one of them being that keeping your credit card in proximity of your phone could cause issues. To get the full answer to the question “Can your cellphone break your credit card?” read the information provided below.

Today’s Technology

While phones used to be quite damaging to credit cards, this isn’t as apparent as before. With the advancements in technology such as the chip and higher coercivity cards, credit cards have been able to grow and advance so that doesn’t happen. However, in some situations it is still possible.

It Can Still Happen

Keep in mind that new technological advancements haven’t eliminated this issue. It still can occur! To ensure this doesn’t happen to your credit card, make sure your phone doesn’t touch the face or back of your credit card for long periods of time. You could buy a phone case which shields your entire phone to remedy this. Additionally, make sure the phone isn’t being used while the card is accidently pressed up against it. Keeping your eyes peeled for these circumstances can help you avoid future phone-and-credit-card trouble.

Damage Prevention

The most recent advancement in this field is the cards with chips, which has greatly advanced their invulnerability to magnetism. In addition to high coercivity, cards can withstand different elements better than low coercivity. Carrying these two different types of cards will allow you to prevent this from occurring, as while as being aware of where you are keeping and caring for it.

The information above provides you with some insight to the question “Can your cellphone break your credit card?” Luckily, technology has made this problem dissipate over the years. However, as a credit card owner you should still be responsible. Keeping these damage prevention tips in mind and purchasing a wallet that allows for protection will help you solve this problem. If you are in search of a wallet to do just that, visit our website where we have numerous options ranging from RFID card wallets to basic wallets. We have the perfect and safe option for you!