Easy Ways To Keep Your Money Safe

Money is an extremely important part of life; it’s paramount that you take care of it. Due to the fact there are so many different outlets in which you can use money, numerous factors can come into play for keeping it secure. Here are a couple easy ways to keep your money safe and out of harms way.

Never Share Your Social Security Number

Never share you social security number (unless you’re completely sure it’s a safe exchange, such as between family members.) Knowing when to share this information is key to keeping it secure. Many websites don’t require your social security number, but if you happen upon one that does, please do your research. The worst and most dangerous thing you can do is hand this vital identification number to a stranger.

Always Use FDIC Accounts

This might seem like a silly note to even make, but you really don’t want to ignore it. Using a FDIC account will mean the money you keep in the account is ensured up to $250,000 per individual. It could be a huge risk not to have one.

Stay Clear of Shopping on Suspicious Sites

Knowing how to identify a suspicious website is key. If a website is poorly designed, has multiple pop-up windows, or just seems a bit off, refrain from entering your credit or debit information. Research the site and see if there’s any information available about the site’s safety (or lack thereof). Doing this will help you steer clear from fraudulent sites who plan to steal your information and money.

Properly Store Money and Cards

We can’t forget about protecting physical money and cards. You wallet should safely hold its contents so they don’t fall out or get stolen easily. Look into some ways to prevent this. For example, RFID technology that has recently been implemented into wallets to protect credit cards from being accessed by hackers. How cool and convenient!

These four easy ways to keep your money safe can make all the difference. Make sure to always question when being asked for your social security card, double check if the account you’re using is indeed an FDIC account, and stay away from shopping on distrustful sites. If you have done all of these, the next step would be purchasing the RFID minimalist wallet we have in our collection. This will be the perfect purchase for always keeping your money safe!