Preventing Tourist Robbery The Next Time You're Out of the Country

While visiting a new country is new, exciting, and a total rush—be aware of the risks involved when you vacation overseas.

Tourists are more likely to experience robbery in a foreign country, given that they most likely do not speak the native language and are unfamiliar with the territory. Making them an easy target to be taken advantage of.

If you have plans to travel the world, make sure you implement these tools and tips to keep your cash and credit cards close.

Make keeping your money safe a priority

Purchase a carbon fiber wallet before your departure if you haven’t already.

Why a carbon fiber wallet?

A carbon fiber wallet will keep your valuables—your cash, credit cards, and other important cards, close and on your person at all times.

Unlike a normal billfold, these are lighter and take up less space. You’ll be less likely to leave it lying out at your resort or hotel since it’s lighter and more portable. It will fit seamlessly into your pocket or bag and give your access to all of your valuables at all times. You can also opt for a money clip to hold cash.

Stay off your phone while out and about

This will make you an easy target. Be aware of your surroundings. You can reply to that text or email when you return from sightseeing. Remain alert at all times and try to avoid walking through alleyways and dark corners alone. This also applies to reading books and magazines while you’re out exploring.

Try not to wander

Try and have an idea of where you’re going. Map out your route beforehand. Sometimes staying on the beaten path is the safest option when it comes to preventing robbery.

Never leave your things unattended

If you are storing your wallet in a beach bag or another separate carrying case, take it out if you’re leaving to go use the restroom at a restaurant. Keep in with you. Or better yet, have a trustworthy set on eyes watching your things if you have to leave for a brief moment. Also, if you’re at your hotel, you may be tempted to trust the hotel safe. While you may assume this will guard your valuables, we aware that sometimes this makes you more vulnerable. Hotel safes may not be as secured and regulated as you think.


While traveling the world is an enriching and beautiful experience, becoming a victim of theft is not. While getting a few dollars from you stolen may not be the end of the world, there are more serious repercussions that can follow. Identity theft, for example, affected more than 16 million Americans in 2017 alone.

Yes, the severity of theft can vary. But why take the chance? By keeping your money safe in a sleek or aluminum billfold, being aware of your surroundings at all times, and staying off your cellphone while sightseeing, you can experience the beauty of various cultures without worrying about your valuables.