Should You Carry Your Wallet in Your Back Pocket?

easy access wallet

Did you know that in the year 2017 alone, there were estimated to be over 16.7 million people who were found to be victims of identity theft? Many people, mostly men have gotten into the habit of carrying their wallets in their back pockets. This possibly accounts for quite a bit of the identity theft going on today. That’s why an aluminum plate wallet system, an easy access wallet, or even a money clip to hold cash is much better for your needs.

There are also other reasons that you shouldn’t carry your super thin wallet or any wallet for that matter in your back pocket. Read on below for a few of those reasons to be revealed.

It Makes You an Easy Target for Pick Pockets

Whether it’s a wallet that holds coins or an easy access wallet if you keep it in your back pocket you are asking to be pickpocketed. A professional pickpocket looks for easy marks, and someone with a wallet sticking out of their back pocket is an easy mark. If nothing else, keep your easy access wallet or your thin wallet in your front pocket. Not only will the pickpocket usually draw the line at stealing from your front pocket, but you will also certainly notice if he tries too.

It can Cause Back Injuries

While it’s pretty obvious that putting your wallet in your back pocket makes you the prime target for professional thieves, many people don’t know that it also causes back injuries. When you keep your wallet in your back pocket, you tend to sit on it, which raises one part of your body to a higher level than the other side. This twists your back out of shape, which will eventually leave to back, bone, muscle, and even nervous system problems if you aren’t careful and willing to correct the problem. Isn’t easier to just find a money clip or keep your wallet in your front pocket instead?

It Looks Weird and Could Damage Your Clothes

If you are a fashion-conscious person, then you already don’t want this big bulge sticking out from under your shirt in the back. Carrying your wallet in your back pocket just looks strange. Not only does it look weird, but it can also actually damage your clothes in the long run. Sitting on that wallet, tugs at the seams of your pants, jeans, or shorts, and will eventually either rip them or produce a hole that you can’t get fixed.

These are just three of the top reasons that you might want to start carrying your easy access wallet in your front pocket instead of the back. From back injuries to professional thieves and from looking strange to ruining your favorite pants, who wants a wallet to do all that? No one! So make sure to carry yours in the front from now on.