Simple Ways To Streamline Your Everyday Look

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If you've over chunky bags and bulky clothing, there's no better time to reinvent your look than at the start of the new year. After all, the fashion industry is expected to grow to $712.9 billion by 2022, up from $481.2 billion in 2018. Nowadays, in-trend styles have begun to rest on either end of the spectrum; a streamlined look with a clean silhouette or a bulky, layered look to help you survive the cold of winter.

Luckily, it's easier to streamline your wardrobe than you think. Here's how to craft a stylish, efficient ensemble without the bells and whistles of an outfit that weighs you down.

Away with worn-out apparel

Everyone might have a shirt with a stain or two, but far more people are walking around in worn-out clothing. This can range from faded colors to pilling fabrics to stretched-out hemlines. One of the first steps to streamlining your look is ditching pieces that look old and worn in exchange for clothing with clean lines and crisp folds.

Rely on the staples

If you simply love everything in your closet, you should have a few staples that you can rely on in a pinch. These pieces should make you feel good and look even better, but even more importantly, they should be versatile. A clean pair of oxford shoes that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion can save you time, effort, and the stress of indecision. A great pair of shoes or trendy jacket can go a long way when it comes to crafting a streamlined look.

Carry only what's useful

Preparing for a potential disaster is one thing, but carrying an entire first-aid kit in your purse or backpack is another. Instead of struggling to lug a hefty bag around everywhere you go, carry only the necessities. This usually includes your phone, keys, and credit card fan wallet. Any other accessory, emergency tools, or heavy items should be kept in your car or another strategic location in your home that's easily accessible.

Get an efficient, compact wallet

There's nothing worse than crafting the perfect look only to have the bulk of your wallet get in the way. When you want a clean silhouette, you can only rely on the Fantom Wallet for the best in efficiency.

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