The Safest Place To Put a Wallet

Your wallet contains many important elements—everything from your license to your finances. With that being the case, there are several actions you should take to ensure your wallet and its contents is always safe. Read further explanation below on the safest place to put a wallet and how to keep it as protected as possible.

Keep It in Your Front Pocket

While it might seem completely awkward, it is said that one, if not the, safest place to keep your wallet is your front project. Not only is it more comfortable for sitting, but is also harder for somebody to steal. You are 100 percent going to notice if somebody tries to reach into the front pocket of your pants to grab your wallet—which is not always the case when storing your wallet in the back pocket.

It might not be the easiest change to move your wallet from the back pocket to the front, but it’s a necessary one. Luckily, there are numerous new options for thin card wallets that are made to nicely fit in your front pocket!

Put It in A Purse or Pack

If you don’t carry your wallet in a pocket, and you’re going to put it in a purse, bag, or pack—make sure you “anchor” it first. Ensure it’s always somewhere close to you, so you can instantly grab it. If it’s always within reach, it’s always safe. If you’re sitting down, leave it on the corner of your chair or next to you on the ground. Make sure you loop a strap through a chair spindle, hold it in your lap, or squeeze it between you and somebody else.

Keeping your wallet in your front pocket, or in your anchored purse or bag, are among the safest place to put a wallet. Make sure you keep this in the back of your mind anytime you are carrying your wallet to improve your overall safety! Here at Fantom Wallets we have numerous wallet options available for you. Look at our website and order one today!