Tips for Accessorizing a Minimalist Outfit

While you might not think it is possible, there are ways to spice up your minimalist outfit! There are multiple ways you can add a little something extra to your basic wardrobe without it becoming over the top. We have compiled a few tips for accessorizing a minimalist outfit that will really help change your overall look! Continue reading to check out your options.

Add Color To a Black and White Outfit

Black and white outfits are some of the most popular for a minimalist aesthetic. People feel comfortable in the colors and know that they look good. Some people may even take it a step further and combine different black and white patterns within their ensemble. However, some people believe that a black and white outfit is still somewhat plain.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Find a small wardrobe piece that has a pop of color and add it to your basic black and white outfit. This bright pop of color can really turn the outfit into something special while still keeping the minimalist feel.

Get Yourself a Minimalist Wallet

Believe it or not, you can accessorize without going over the top. Many brands offer accessories that will simply complete your outfit, rather than making it appear gaudy or extra. For instance, we offer minimalist card wallets that will spice up your look but still maintain your minimalist aesthetic. Not only will you be looking good, but your wallet with be clean and light!

Pick Out a Hat or Beanie

Adding a hat or beanie to your outfit is one of the most common go-to moves you can make as a minimalist. Not only is it practical because it can provide you warmth on cold days or security on a bad hair day, but it also adds to your outfit’s overall look. If you go really outside the box here and pick a hat that has a pop of color, you can hit two of these points to spice up your outfit.

These tips for accessorizing a minimalist outfit are exactly what you need! None of them are over the top or too much. They will provide a little spice to your look without it being so extra that it makes you uncomfortable.

We hope you found these points helpful and are going to try them out! If you want to look at our accessories, check out our website today. We have minimalist card wallets and more available for purchase. Let us help you take your look to the next level!