Top Features Every Good Wallet Has

Wallets are staple items for many men. There are some items you cannot leave without—namely, your keys, phone, and wallet. After all, it keeps your money and identification in one secure place. Still, one must know the top features every good wallet has. This guide will help you see how the material, size, capacity, and functionality all have a role in a wallet’s purpose.

Good Quality Material

The first consideration to make with a new wallet is the base material. Your wallet must withstand daily use through any condition. Given that, pick a material that is long-lasting. Full-grain leather, wood, bamboo, and carbon fiber all provide durable, resilient exteriors that withstand frequent elements. The material fibers give character to the feel, look, and even smell of your money carrier. More so, good quality materials supply equal weight distribution so that your wallet feels securely positioned in your hand and pocket.

Size and Capacity

With that, the size and capacity of the wallet are important too. Wallets are designed to carry your cash, identification, bank cards, gift cards, coins, and other portable items, all fastened in one place. It’s tedious choosing between two or more items because your wallet cannot hold more than one. Others find it grueling to carry anything other than a slim wallet. Either way, the size and capacity each wallet provides are for you to choose. No matter your preference, there are wallets designed for any lifestyle as a fashion accessory or everyday pocket staple.


Lastly, functionality is among the top features every wallet has. Modern wallets excel in this realm. One of the swiftest, most reliant functions of a modern wallet is its RFID-blocking capability. RFID, which stands for radiofrequency identification, is a method many cybercriminals use to access credit card information using RFID-reading devices. Naturally, an RFID-blocking device prohibits this. Additionally, many modern wallets come with smartphone tracking capabilities that allow you to track a misplaced wallet from your phone. These aren’t limited to spacious wallets, either. Even slim wallets designed to carry a few cards at a time have money clip attachments to carry cash or other important items.

Undoubtedly, you should find a wallet that suits your needs best. Fortunately, we at Fantom Wallet have designed the perfect card fanning wallet anyone can carry. Check out our Build Your Fantom Wallet option to see the many customizable features available. We offer wood, leather, or carbon fiber finishes, an optional money clip, and different sizes so that you create the best wallet for your lifestyle.