What Can You Actually Fit In a Slim Wallet?

aluminum wallet with money clipOne could be forgiven for thinking that a super thin wallet would not be able to store everything a chunky conventional wallet holds. After all, how could these devices store more than a couple of cards while still maintaining their extremely slim profile?

The answer lies in the clever integration of a variety of optional holders and compartments, as well as the availability of models with slightly different thicknesses. With these choices available customers can design their aluminum wallet with money clip in accordance with their specific needs, storing everything they require in a tiny package. This is of particular importance for close followers of new fashion, namely individuals between the 16 to 24 age groups and the 25 to 34 age groups, who do not wish to have their style held back by an unwieldy wallet.

  • Debit and credit cards

    These are the first items most people think of when they picture super slim wallets. Depending on the model you get, your thin wallet can store 4-7, 6-10, or even as many as 8-13 cards. This means that even if you use a number of different payment cards, you will still have all your choices when you use your minimalist wallet. Best of all, every Fantom wallet save for the carbon fiber model is RFID/NFC protected.

  • Cash

    By opting for a money clip to hold cash, you put your ultra slim wallet on even footing with a classic bifold or trifold wallet. Those who still prefer having the choice to pay or tip in cash should select this option, available in a variety of attractive colors, when ordering a Fantom wallet.

  • Coins

    If you pay with cash, you are most likely going to want a way to store coins as well. Your aluminum wallet with money clip can also have a coin holder added to it.

  • Membership cards

    Whether you plan to visit a library, gym, or you simply need a key card to access your office or hotel room, you can fit your card in your thin wallet. If you are worried, get the large model with space for up to 13 cards.

  • Small miscellaneous items

    Who says a coin holder has to be used for coins? Keys or small storage devices can also fit in this small, convenient space.

Wanting to store a variety of items does not mean you have to surrender to a bulging pocket. Get your aluminum wallet with money clip from Fantom Wallet and free your pocket space while still carrying everything you need.