Where to Keep Coins When You Have a Minimalist Wallet

The purpose of any type of wallet is to protect your money and bank cards in a personal, secure place. While this makes sense, you still need a receptacle for coin currency. Many people might wonder where to keep coins when you have a minimalist wallet. Check out the suggestions below for storage options.

In Your Pockets

This seems obvious, but pants have pockets for a reason. You don’t have to keep only your keys, mobile phone, wallet, or other important items in your pockets. Your pockets can perfectly fit any loose change you may accumulate. Keep this in mind the next time you wear jeans, jackets, or anything else with deep pockets to collect your spare change.

A Separate Container

Another possibility is to keep a spare cup or container in your car or home to throw loose change in. Every time you find coins, be sure to throw them in these containers. Eventually, you will amass a large pile of coins that you can exchange for bills at a bank. While many people turn their heads at loose change, don’t forget that it’s money that you can save to turn into more money.

In a Coin Purse

Coin purses are miniature bags designed to carry coins. Some people prefer to keep coin purses or coin cases around to manage their loose coins in a convenient, portable manner. This is especially true if you use coins regularly and fear losing them. A coin purse or case will ensure you protect your coins in a secure, easy-to-spot location.

In a Coin-Friendly Wallet

Some minimalist wallets are actually coin-friendly too. Our Fantom wallets have a coin compartment to hold coins up to 2.8mm thick. There is a convenient thumb lever to access them when needed. Not to mention, you can use the storage space for keys, SD cards, USB drives, or other small items.

At Fantom Wallet, we offer some of the best minimalist card wallets on the market today. They are equipped with RFID-blocking technology to protect your information and boast a strong exterior to protect your cards and withstand wear and tear. Whether you want a wallet with a coin holder, money clip, or both, you can create a customizable wallet best suited for you.