Why You Should Use a Front Pocket Wallet

As some point in history, people began carrying their wallets in their back pocket. This makes sense: it seems convenient, easy, and safe. However, these are all misconstrued. Keeping your wallet in your back pocket is dangerous for your health and security. These are some further reasons why you should always use a front pocket wallet.

It’s Comfortable

Back pocket wallets have a notorious reputation for causing back problems. Sitting on a wallet in your back pocket can lead to poor posture and spinal irritability. This could put pressure on your sciatic nerve and lead to prolonged nerve damage. Front pocket wallets avoid this issue entirely. Your posture remains upright while you have the mental comfort of knowing your wallet is safe in your pants.


Another reason why you to carry a front pocket wallet is convenience. Back pocket wallets are also infamous for destroying pants pockets. Every time your back-pocket wallet rubs against your pants, it causes them to stretch and lose their stitching. In particular, denim often stretches and creates holes where your wallet sits. It can also be harder to reach. Front pocket wallets put no strain on your back pockets and allow you to access your wallet in a tight, easy-to-find location. You won’t need to constantly switch your pocket out from your back pocket every time you sit, stand, or move around.

Protects Against RFID Attacks

RFID refers to radiofrequency identification and can lead to identity and financial theft if you’re not careful. When your wallet is out of sight, like in your back pocket, cyber criminals can walk behind you and use an RFID-reading device to steal your credit and debit card information. Unbeknownst to you, this process can take only moments. With an RFID-protecting wallet in your front pocket, you always avoid RFID criminals and can experience a mindful observance of your wallet.


While it might not seem like a common issue today, pickpocketing is still around. Wallets are physical devices, and the bigger or thicker it is, the more appealing it looks to criminals. This is especially problematic if you keep your wallet in your back pocket, as you can easily lose sight of our wallet and make it easier for criminals to steal it. By keeping your wallet in your front pocket, you can see whoever gets near. You never lose sight of it, and no one can reach in your front picket without you knowing.

With these reasons, be sure to invest in a thin RFID wallet that fits well in your front pants pocket. Our Fantom Wallets are designed with all these points in mind for the easiest and safest card-carrying device on the market today. You can customize yours based on the number of cards you wish to carry using any of our top-quality finishes like walnut, bamboo, black and brown leather, and carbon fiber. Do yourself a favor and invest in a new thin aluminum wallet.