Whether you are heading to the office, your favorite coffee shop, or meeting some friends for a few drinks, we all have items that we never leave the house without. More and more people seem to be ditching their bulky items and rocking a minimalist everyday carry. Whether that’s because pants are getting slimmer or people just don’t want to carry as much, we can see that there are many benefits to ditching the clutter. Each person’s needs are different, but we believe the essentials of your minimalist everyday carry should include a high-quality and durable phone, a slim wallet, earbuds, and a pair of sunglasses.


We use our phones for almost every aspect of our lives. Whether you need to respond to an urgent email or want to catch up with loved ones, a phone is essential in our world. The operating system of choice is up to you, but we recommend choosing a quality device. Our phone is the thing that we interact with most on a daily basis, so we believe that you should opt for the best one you can comfortably afford.


Slim and minimalist wallets have taken the place of the once-popular bulky wallets that contain the last three years of receipts. Rocking a minimalist slim wallet makes finding the card or ID you need a breeze without a large protrusion from your side. At Fantom Wallet, we have a minimalist slim wallet that was designed with you in mind. Each of our wallets is made from high-quality and durable materials, ensuring that it lasts for years to come. The Fantom R and S wallets are entirely customizable, making it easy to create one that fits your lifestyle. Material choices include wood, leather, and carbon fiber. The Fantom R & S can hold up to 13 cards while still keeping a sleek profile. Like to carry cash with you? You can add a coin holder or money clip to keep cash organized and easily accessible.


Whether you take a train on your commute, are at the gym, or are allowed to listen to music at work, earbuds are an essential piece of your minimalist everyday carry. We recommend opting for a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds. They are not bulky, you don’t have to worry about getting the wires caught or tangled, and they look good.


Perfect for protecting your eyes from the sun as well as making you look good—a quality pair of shades is a must. We recommend trying a variety of different styles, colors, and brands to find what fits your head shape and lifestyle.