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TouchGUARD - Brass EDC Tool

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Antimicrobial Brass EDC Tool

Never touch a common shared surface again. With the TouchGUARD, get on your daily life and open doors, press buttons, toggle door locks, and checkout while minimize the chance of spreading germs.


Machined from a solid piece of brass, a material that is antimicrobial, the TouchGUARD can be mated with a loop-around keychain to keep your pockets germs-free.


Dimensions: 4 x 1.25 x 0.5 in


Disclaimer: While brass is antimicrobial, there is no substitute for good hygiene and frequent sanitization of all shared surfaces. We urge everyone to continue follow current pandemic control protocols and recommendations.




The TouchGUARD can open doors and locks of different shapes and sizes with ease. It can be used as a hook as well for carrying bags.



Going for a grocery run? Heading to your favourite restaurants? The TouchGUARD is ready for you. Pedestrian crossing, ATM, mailbox, elevator, credit card machine, you name it, with TouchGUARD, you can press any buttons without touching anything.



Made of brass and engineered to handle heavy load, the TouchGUARD EDC Tool is the perfect tool for carrying your groceries or other heavy items.  



The grip hole allows for easy usage of the TouchGUARD EDC Tool. There's even a built-in lanyard hole!