4 Features Every Good Wallet Should Have

Most people don't think too hard about their selection of wallet, but maybe they should. Not only are wallets a great way to accessorize and customize your look, but a good wallet can help keep you and your information safe. In 2017 alone, there were an estimated 16.7 million victims of identity fraud. To help protect you against this, here are just a few features that every good wallet worth having should include.

  1. Strong construction: When purchasing a wallet, you want it to have strong construction. Yes, this could mean leather, but there's a stronger option still: metal or carbon fiber. Carbon fiber wallets and metal wallets help protect your cash and cards, while still giving you the option of having a super thin wallet that's easy to carry.

  2. Identity protection: A wallet is only as good as its ability to keep your information safe. Make sure your wallet has identity protection features like RFID blocking; this will keep your financial and identity information secure. A wallet without these features is just like having your cash out and ready for someone to steal at any time; keeping your cards safe ensures nobody can steal your card information and make purchases with your financial information.

  3. Multiple folds: Even when looking at ultra slim wallets, you want to make sure your wallet can hold everything it needs to on a day to day basis. Having a few different pockets helps you keep your items organized so you can find them when you need them. Just make sure your wallet doesn't end up being too large as a result, or you'll struggle with carrying it around comfortably.

  4. A money clip: An aluminum wallet with money clips help you organize your cash in a way that's easy to grab quickly. The last thing anyone wants to do when trying to quickly make a purchase is dig around for your cash, so instead, look to buy an aluminum wallet with money clips.

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