4 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Wallet

wallet that holds coins

Many of us grow attached to certain belongings. We've all had that pair of shoes that we kept several months (or years) past their prime, or that coat that we've worn through incalculable storms.

Unfortunately, sometimes we have to part ways with our favorite accessories. One such accessory that some men hold on to for far too long is their wallet. Often, wallets hold sentimental value, since they're commonly given as gifts for special occasions.

Even if your wallet was a very dear gift, or very expensive indulgence, sometimes you have to know when to let it go. If your wallet is displaying any of the following symptoms, its probably time to find a replacement.

Signs Your Wallet Needs Replacement

1. It's Too Bulky to Deal With

A thick, overstuffed wallet not only looks unprofessional, but it can harm your health. Sitting on a chunky wallet disrupts the natural curve of your spine, which can cause spinal conditions and discomfort over time. If you tend to keep your wallet in your back pocket, opt for a new super thin wallet or even a money clip instead.

2. It's Frayed or Worn

While many wallets get a little rough around the edges with time, be prepared to replace your wallet that holds coins if this wear and tear goes too far. A threadbare or cracked wallet can make you look less polished each time you pay for something. If you wait too long, that fold damage can actually cause your wallet to rip in half, leaving you scrambling for a quick replacement or feeling foolish carrying around two halves of a whole wallet.

3. Stuff Keeps Falling Out

With regular use, the pockets that hold cash and cards can begin to stretch, until they no longer snugly hold your money and identification. In some cases, this can result in your money slipping right out of your wallet, never to be spent again. Don't be that guy, and replace your wallet. You can even choose a credit card wallet that holds coins for added security.

4. It Doesn't Suit You Anymore

Too often, guys keep wallets from when they were younger that simply don't suit them as they become young professionals. If your wallet still has your favorite cartoon characters or food emblazoned on the front, consider upgrading to a more mature style. Choosing a slim wallet that holds coins or an easy-access style can help you seem more mature when you're at the bank or picking up the bill on a date.

The total number of fashion consumers is expected to grow to 1.2 billion by 2020. Whether you're shopping for a new wallet for fashion reasons or practical reasons, don't wait until it's too late. Keep your money and your reputation safe, and order a smart and stylish new wallet today.