5 Reasons To Still Carry Cash in 2021

Using credit and debit cards may seem like the way to simplify your life. With these little pieces of plastic, a person can always access their capital, whereas people who carry cash are often uncertain if they have enough to get them through the day. However, for safety and practical reasons, there are at least five reasons to still carry cash in 2021.

Splitting Bills

While restaurants will typically split a bill for parties using separate cards, it is a much smoother process for the waitstaff if they receive the bill in cash. It takes time and energy to print out several checks, deliver them, retrieve them, and input each payment and tip individually into the restaurant's computer. If you want to simplify the system so you can get back to your day, it is best to pay in cash.


Restaurants have to pay transaction fees whenever cards are used, which chips away at the tips given to servers. By paying in cash, you are bypassing that middleman and giving directly to the servers. Cash also allows you to tip people that could not possibly be tipped using a card, such as doormen and bathroom attendants.

Cash-Only Places

It is hard to believe that cash-only places exist in this increasingly paperless world. But there are establishments that still only accept paper money. When operating in the world, it is best to be a cash holder in case you come across such a place.

Suspended Card

While carrying a credit card can make one feel like they have access to an endless flow of cash, that illusion can come crashing down as soon as the card gets suspended. Credit card companies frequently suspect fraudulent charges and cut the holder off from their card. Sometimes, this happens because the person reached beyond their spending limit. Whatever the reason, when a credit card gets suspended, its owner is put in a compromising, confusing position.

Mug Money

In truth, you do not need five reasons to still carry cash in 2021 when this one builds such a strong case. Whenever you go out in public, you should carry some cash on you in case you are attacked by a mugger. In a mugging situation, you are likely to relinquish your cards to a mugger. But you both know you can cancel those immediately. By giving the mugger cash, you are hopefully satisfying them enough to leave you alone.