5 Things You Can Do to Organize Your Wallet

credit card wallet

When people want to save money, one way to do that is by making their wallet as organized as possible. Some people go a step further and have a credit card wallet to keep track of the awards and bonuses they can get with their cards but it can also help people spend less money.

  1. Simplicity is your best friend. When it comes to getting a wallet well organized it is one great way to start. Some people skip the credit card wallet altogether and go with a minimalist money clip for one credit card, one identification card, and some cash. Using a thin wallet with the same items. This is really great for people who are prone to losing things. This makes it a lot easier to keep track of everything.

  2. Add your cards to your wallet in order of the miles you get or the cash back you can accrue. When you are adding your cards to a credit card wallet, this can keep you in the habit of using those that get you the best rewards possible. Experts say that the best way to do this is to start by signing up for the most beneficial cards you can find. Pay attention to your statements and any offers they are running. If you rotate your cards as they offer great specials, you can get the most from each.

  3. Find another place to store extraneously pieces of paper. If you want to keep your receipts, there are other places to do it than your credit card wallet. One way to spend less money by keeping receipts is to put them in an envelop and check your spending each week. This can help you keep on a check on what you are spending in addition to how much.

  4. Downsize your wallet. If you have lots of cards that does not mean you have to carry them with you all of the time. One way to make yourself do this is to get a smaller wallet. There are super thin wallets that can force you to pick only the cards and items you really need. This can also give you a good reason to take out the Blockbuster video card you got in 1990.

  5. Take singles out of your wallet. If you are like most people, you do not keep any change in your wallet. Many people keep jars for all of their change. Put your dollar bills in the same place. This tip has an added bonus beyond making your wallet more organized. This can help you save up a little green. Plus, you will not be tempted to use those dollar bills on small things. Small things add up to become bigger things.

There is another benefit to keeping an organized wallet. If it has one card, you have less of a chance of it falling out. That means would-be identity thieves will have a harder time getting to your personal information. Identity theft is a big problem all over the world. It has been estimated that there were 16.7 million people who were impacted in 2017 by this crime. Experts say that about 17% of all of these cases that same year was classified as credit card fraud.