5 Things Your Wallet Says About You and Your Style

From your shirt to your watch, everything you put on your body communicates something about you. Wallets are no exception. Be aware of these five things your wallet says about you and your style so you can be confident in the way you present yourself.

Your Organization Skills

When a wallet is put together nicely, without too many cards or receipts filling up space, nobody pays attention. But when a wallet is disorganized, you better believe people notice.

If you walk around with a bulky, dirty wallet, you’re signaling to the world that you’re unconcerned with how you manage your personal finances. Looking disheveled may have had its appeal in high school and college, but in the real world, people prefer if you appear organized.

Your Professionalism

As with any piece of clothing or accessory, a wallet communicates the level of professionalism you bring to your day-to-day life. Do you have a sleek, unassuming wallet to signal that you’re a professional? Or is your wallet bright and fun? Not everyone has to be super-professional, and a fun wallet—so long as it’s well-kept—is a great choice for people who don’t wish to advertise their careers all the time.

Your Fashion Sense

When considering the five things your wallet says about you and your style, it’s important to remember how it represents your fashion sense. A wallet, just like any other fashion item, communicates your tastes to the outside world. Therefore, your wallet should feel like a logical addition to your regular fashion choices. If you wear suits all day, you probably want a higher-end wallet to match that appearance. If you dress in shorts, go with something less expensive and more playful.

Your Day-to-Day Purchasing Needs

On the practical side, your wallet communicates your preferred purchasing method. People who pay everything in cash can probably get by with a traditional wallet. But if you’re almost entirely cashless, a magnetic phone wallet may be more your speed.

Your Brand Commitments

People who know a lot about this subject can match a wallet to its brand just by looking at it. When you buy a wallet, whether you think about it or not, you’re aligning yourself with that brand’s message, public image, and previous products. Make sure you do your research before you buy a wallet to ensure its brand represents the sort of person you want to be.