5 Ways To Prevent Debit & Credit Card Fraud

It’s a terrifying feeling when you’re the victim of fraud. Suddenly your comfortable world gets turned upside down. The people at your bank and your credit card company want to talk to you, but you’re so flabbergasted by the offense you don’t know where to start. It truly is a crisis!

There are ways to avoid this scenario. Read on to learn five ways to prevent debit and credit card fraud.

Number One: Avoid Using Your Debit Card To Buy Things

When you use your debit card to make purchases, you’re putting your card into a system that hackers can get into. If a hacker were to exploit the information taken from a store where you shopped, you would much prefer they have access to your credit card information than your debit.

With a credit card, you can dispute the charges with the company and the issue is dropped. When dealing with a debit card, you need to argue with the bank. For that reason, keep your debit cards in your modular wallet as much as possible and only use them at an ATM.

Number Two: Do Not Give Your Credit Card Number Over the Phone

When someone calls you and asks that you give them your credit card number over the phone, you should never comply. If you believe the person is reputable, and you have a good reason to offer your information, then you should ask them for their company’s phone number. If they are legitimate, then you can reach them by calling their company.

Number Three: Sign Up for Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is an excellent tool to fight fraud. Using a mobile banking app, you can check in on your account whenever you like. With that much accessibility, you can look out for unusual activity and act fast when you suspect something fishy.

Number Four: Put a Sticker Over Your Security Code

One of the more low-tech options in these five ways to prevent debit and credit card fraud is to memorize your security code and then cover it with a sticker. Without the security code, the card is far less useful to the criminal. You’re forcing the thief to spend time getting over the hurdle, especially if the sticker is difficult to remove. This is time you can spend canceling the card.

Number Five: Get a Post Office Box

People can easily still get your credit card information through mail theft. You can get ahead of that risk by getting all your mail delivered to a post office box.