Care Tips for Making Your Denim Jeans Last

There’s no worse moment than when your favorite pair of jeans finally come to its demise. But lucky for you, there are steps you can take and changes you can make in your everyday life to expand the lifespan of your favorite pair of pants. For a quick look at some care tips for making your denim jeans last, continue reading below. When you’re still wearing your favorite pair of pants longer than you ever could have anticipated, you will thank us!

Don’t Wash Them as Much

The more frequently you wash your clothing items, the less strength the fabric has. Their overall shape will be ruined from too many washes. Additionally, the more you wash them, the easier they can get torn. As long as they aren’t absolutely filthy, there’s no reason you cannot wear them before you wash them.

Also, make sure to note that when you do wash them that you wash them in cold water. Hot water can burn down the elastic fibers that are present in your jeans and the elastic will go bad.

Let Them Air Dry

Not only is this helping you save money on your energy bill, but it is helping you save your favorite pair of denim jeans! Sounds like a win-win to us. Putting them through the dryer will allow for the heat to damage your elastic and cause the material to rip or tear more quickly.

If you’re afraid of air drying your jeans and other clothing items because of wrinkles, don’t worry! There are ways around that. You can simply throw the clothing item in the dryer for a short amount of time, then allow it to air dry. Or, if it’s wrinkled, you could simply hang it in the bathroom to dry.

Be Cautious About What Is in Your Pockets

There should be nothing in your pockets that could harm your pants. What do we mean? Anything too big, bulky, or sharp shoved into the pockets is a no-go. Such items could stretch or rip the fabric. An example of something that you should not keep in your pocket is a big bulky wallet. Instead, get rid of that and invest in a new slim card wallet—so, if you accidently leave it in your pants pocket in the wash, the slim wallet won’t distort the fabric.

These care tips for making your denim jeans last will make all of the difference. Hopefully, awareness of these tips will help you make your favorite pair of pants last as long as possible. There’s no reason that you can’t enjoy them for a long time!