How the Right Aluminum Billfold Can Protect You From Theft

aluminum wallet with money clip

If you have a wallet full of credit cards and bank cards with an RFID, or radio frequency identification, enabled chip, you are more susceptible to theft. An RFID card is a smart card that does not require the reading of a magnetic strip to process your payment. Simply hover the card near the credit card reader and the machine will read the chip and run your purchase.

Although RFID cards a very convenient and efficient way to shop, it can make you particularly vulnerable to hackers and thieves. Reports estimate that in the year 2017, there were around 16.7 million victims who were victims of identity fraud.

Why Wallet Design Matters

Since the RFID card can be scanned and read anytime and anywhere, someone can easily pull the information from your card using a device with an RFID chip reader.

An aluminum wallet with money clip can protect your cards and your money from being stolen. The aluminum material serves as a protective shield to block thieves from scanning your card and retrieving your information.

Secure, Yet Stylish

Show off your style with your new customized, sleek aluminum billfold. You select the size - thin wallet, super thin wallet, or ultra slim wallet, depending on how many credit cards you need it to hold. Choose your favorite color - black, silver, blue, red, or carbon fiber wallet. Add a money clip to keep your cash safe and secure and neatly tucked away at all times.

While thin and lightweight, our wallets are extremely durable and well-built and not to mention affordable and with the added option of purchasing an additional wallet that holds coins.

Fantom Wallet offers minimalist wallets that hold cash, credit cards, and coins with a unique fan wallet design. With just a swipe of the thumb, you can access the card you need from your custom designed aluminum wallet with money clip.

The money clip is specifically designed and engineered for the Fantom Wallet of your choice. Made of titanium and built to last, our money clips come with your choice of blue, black, or gold finish. Get your aluminum wallet with money clip today!