How To Clean and Care for a Metal Wallet

Your wallet can be compared to a butler— it’s always by your side and prepared with exactly what you need. But you wouldn’t treat your butler with disrespect, would you? You’d want your butler to be paid well and treated with the fairness their position demands. Similarly, you should know how to clean and care for a metal wallet.

Metal Cleaning Solution

Metal wallets are usually made from either titanium or aluminum. So, buy the appropriate cleaning solution for your wallet. Using just a few drops at a time, rub the cleaning solution into any dirty spots on the wallet with a soft cloth. Continue to repeat this process on each affected spot until they have all been removed.

Metal Polishing Paste

You can make your wallet shine by applying metal polishing paste to the wallet. Wear gloves to keep your hands from being stained. Apply the metal polishing to a terrycloth and rub it into the wallet. This process will remove oxidation, which is a vital step in how to clean and care for a metal wallet. Aluminum oxide is safe in small doses, but it’s still best to polish any off to avoid any future health complications.


Metal wallet owners can finish their cleaning process by adding a small amount of automotive wax onto the wallet. This helps avoid oxidation. To accomplish this, simply spread the wax on the wallet’s surface, rub it in with a damp microfiber towel, and then buff out what is left with the clean side of the towel.

Do Not Overstuff the Wallet

Much like traditional wallets, metal ones can handle only so many cards before they crack and bend from the pressure. To maintain a quality wallet, especially a slim credit card wallet, make sure you include only the items that you need in your day-to-day life. Too much strain will ruin it.

Do Not Sit On Your Wallet

If you sit on your metal wallet, the metal will eventually become warped and work improperly. Furthermore, if you get into a habit of sitting on your wallet, you may develop hip pain. For maintenance and health reasons, keep your wallet in a front pocket.