Steps to Choosing the Best Wallet for Your Needs

Like any modern-day accessory, wallets are essential for safely carrying your money. However, with all of the different sizes, styles, materials, and functionalities, finding a reliable wallet to match your lifestyle is no easy feat. Fortunately, here are some steps to choosing the best wallet for your needs. These tips will refine your search for the best wallet that matches your lifestyle.

Figure Out What to Carry

The first step in picking out your ideal wallet is deciding what you’ll carry. Wallets use different dimensions based on their storage capacity. Minimalist wallets—one of the most popular choices among men—are designed to carry a few cards and a little cash. Others, like bifold and trifold wallets, can carry more items, like identification cards, business cards, and so on. Figure out what you’ll carry in your wallet and decide which style fits best.

Choose the Right Size

Secondly, choose the right size. Similar to the shape and style, your wallet’s size can match your lifestyle. Although a big wallet might seem like a great idea initially, consider the effects: overcrowded pockets, easy for pickpockets to identify, and poor posture if kept in your back pocket. That’s not to say that a big wallet is a bad option—it’s just not feasible for many men. Rather, consider a thinner wallet that holds less. While this might not seem like a good idea given your important items, it can help you reduce clutter and keep only the necessities in your wallet. If you must, consider a clip holder to secure cash.

External Functionality

While the other points in this blog refer to internal functionality, one step to choosing the best wallet for your needs is external functionality, too. For instance, consider a wallet with RFID-blocking technology. RFID, which stands for radiofrequency identification, refers to wireless communication capability between an RFID reader and another device. In this case, criminals can use an RFID reader and gain access to your financial information if they’re able to scan your cards. You don’t need to hand them your wallet for this to happen, either. Rather, they can stand adjacent to you for this to work. Contrarily, wallets with RFID-blocking technology stop this from occurring.

Given all of these considerations, our thin credit card wallets at Fantom Wallet are the perfect money-carrying option for anyone on the go. Handling your money and cards can be complicated if using an overstuffed wallet, but our wallets are sleek and pocket-friendly. Plus, there is an optional money clip that securely fastens your cash to the back of it. With three sizes and five finishes, all of our RFID-blocking wallets are made with your needs in mind.