This Is Why You Should Stop Putting Your Wallet in Your Back Pocket

Have you converted to using a super thin wallet yet?

Or are you the type that keeps a fat, bulging wallet in your back pocket?

If you do, you’re at risk of enjoying some serious pain, my dude.

Have you ever noticed that when you sit down on your wallet, the hip on the side that your wallet is on tips upwards, while the other hip angles down?

That’s more than just a funny-feeling position. It’s really bad for your overall posture. And since we spend so much of our lives in a sedentary position, the way you carry your wallet can have an outsize impact on your body.

Sitting on your wallet causes your sciatic nerve to get pinched between your wallet and your hip. This results in pain that starts in your hip, but might then shoot down your entire leg.

And that weird way that your hips are tilted? That causes you to round your lower back while sitting down. You probably didn’t notice, because then your mid-back rounds the other way to compensate, keeping your eyes level. This can cause -- need we even say it? -- serious back pain later on.

Normally, a fat wallet with lots of dough is something we’d all like to have. But in this case, the bigger your wallet, the bigger your problem. And if you have a wallet that holds coins, you’re in even bigger trouble. It’s a good thing you’ve got all that cash, because you’re going to need it at the doctor’s office.

Unfortunately for you, moving your wallet to your front pocket won’t exactly help your situation. Now, instead of having your back all bent out of shape, your thigh and torso are pinched at the place where your wallet is held.

Now, there are two simple solutions for this...

One: you can take your wallet out of your pants every time you sit down. We know what you’re thinking: “Every time I sit down? Are you serious right now?” And the answer is yes, we are. Fortunately, there’s a better option.

Start using something other than a bulky, old-fashioned wallet.

You can start using a money clip to carry cash. You can use a Fantom wallet for your cards -- they even come with RFID protection. You could try using minimalist wallets that hold cash.

By 2020, the number of fashion consumers is expected to grow to 1.2 billion. And as more people embrace slim-fit clothing, more people are leaving those old-fashioned, bulky wallets behind. So if you're tired of back pain and bad posture, consider one of these more enlightened options.

By buying a super thin wallet now, you’ll be ahead of the trend. Not to mention avoiding back pain, which is, of course, the whole point.

Finally, when you do get your modern, super thin wallet, remember to put it in your front pocket.