Why You Need to Ditch Your Old Bulky Wallet Right Now

If you’ve been using the same bulky wallet for years, you probably haven't noticed that it’s been weighing you down.

If your billfold is overflowing with receipts, cards, and movie stubs, it’s time to reexamine the manner in which you carry some of the most valuable things on you—your credit cards and IDs.

If this sounds like you, keep reading to learn why you need to ditch your old and bulky wallet in favor of a thin credit card wallet.

Just like your clothes, your wallet can say a lot about you

You don’t necessarily have to be fashion forward. But like it or not, our choice of clothing projects a certain image out into the world. It can either say:

I’m a trendsetter.

I’m organized and neat.

I’m expressive and adventurous.

The same can be said for accessories such as your shoes, watches, and of course—your wallet. These things represent who we are. Our likes and our dislikes. If you want to project a certain image—one that says you are put together and on top of your game—take charge and make sure that’s exactly how you are perceived. While you don’t need the trendiest clothes or an expensive gold plated watched to portray a sleek and organized look, a thin credit card wallet is definitely a start.

A bulky wallet can sit uncomfortably in your back pocket

A bulky wallet can also get in the way of your comfort. If you store it in your back pocket, you’ve no doubt experienced that uncomfortable lump. There’s no need to suffer in silence. An ultra thin wallet can hold all of your possessions. Store it in your front or back pocket, and forget it’s even there until you need it.

A bulky wallet is less time-efficient

An older and bulkier wallet also is less time-efficient. If you’ve ever held up the line at a coffee shop or grocery store because you had to spend a few minutes searching for a specific debit card—you need to ditch the outdated wallet and save yourself the time and embarrassment.

A slimmer wallet will help you find what you need in record time.

An older wallet will fall apart eventually

If you have had the same wallet for countless years, it’s at risk of falling apart on you any given day. This potential scenario is the last thing you want. Especially if you live an extremely busy lifestyle and can’t afford to walk around with all your credit cards and ID badged stuffed into your pockets. Not only is this inconvenient, but this is also dangerous since theft and identity fraud are real possibilities if your important cards are not secured. 16.8 % of all identity fraud cases in the US were listed as credit card fraud in 2017, so for your safety, don't take that chance.


Your old and bulky wallet has seen its best days. It’s time to retire it in favor of something sleeker, more minimal, and best of all—comfortable.

A new and thin credit card wallet, on the other hand, will last you years. You will not only help you feel more organized, but you’ll also look more put together to the outside world.