Why You Shouldn’t Sit on Your Wallet

While we know your back pocket is you go-to place for you wallet, we’re here to educate you on why it shouldn’t be, and what solutions you can use instead. For a deeper look at exactly why you shouldn’t sit on your wallet, continue reading below.

Causes Your Body Pain

Not only can sitting on your wallet and keeping it in your back pocket cause you back pain, but it can also result in hip and leg pain as well. these problems occur because the wallet’s placement pinches your sciatic nerve and causes your spine and pelvis to be positioned unnaturally. The more you keep in your wallet, the bigger it is and the more pain it can cause.

Leaves Your Body Unbalanced

Think about it—you aren’t keeping two wallets in both back pockets, so therefore you’re leaving one side of your body completely different from the other. This leaves one whole side of your body using your muscles differently, resulting in everything being unbalanced. This can cause more issues throughout your body; it’s exactly why you shouldn’t sit on your wallet.

While it might seem silly to not keep your wallet in your back pocket, you must initiate the change. It might seem impossible since your big bulky wallet won’t even fit in your front pocket. Lucky for you, we have the solution. Here at Fantom Wallet we have numerous wallet options that’ll fit perfectly in your front pocket, including the ultra thin wallet—it’s so thin you won’t even notice it’s there. Look at our website today to help find the perfect option for you!