Worried About The Safety Of Your Wallet? Here’s What to D

Thanks to tremendous growth in technology, the rate of crime has generally gone down. More people today opt to use credit cards than ever before, making it a lot harder to lose hard cash through theft. With the ecommerce market in the U.S. worth a mind-boggling $340 billion, it appears like the number of people who opt to handle hard cash is on a sharp decline.

But pickpockets haven’t relented in their trickery, and losing your credit cards to these criminals is still a very real threat. So how do you go about keeping your credit cards as safe as possible? Getting a top quality aluminum credit card wallet is a good first step. An ultra-thin wallet is a lot harder to swipe from your pocket than the average leather pieces.

Of course, some pickpocket will still want to separate you from your aluminum credit card wallet, and they may succeed. With these smart tips, however, you can keep your wallet safe even from the most accomplished thieves.

1. Avoid Keeping Your Wallet in the Back Pocket

The majority of men who own a wallet keep it in the back pocket. You’ve probably already heard that this is a bad idea, especially when it comes to the health of your spine. But if you still don’t think that’s enough to make you stop the habit, then here’s another factor: it’s a lot easier to lose your wallet when it’s in one of your back pockets.

The easiest way to safeguard your wallet is to keep it in one of the front pockets of your pants, especially if you own an ultra slim wallet. It’s extremely difficult for a thief, no matter how skilled they are, to get their hands close to your private region without you taking notice.

2. Be Careful When In Crowded Places

You are probably never going to have your aluminum credit card wallet stolen when you’re walking alone in the countryside on a beautiful summer morning. Why? Well, pickpockets like to strike in crowded areas, where they can’t easily get noticed.

If you’re visiting an area with a tourist attraction in sight, chances are there’s going to be many tourists whose concentration is wholly on the attraction. Pickpockets love such areas, so be extra careful. The first thing you need to do is shift your credit card wallet to the front pocket and put your hand in that same pocket when walking through a bunch of people.

3. Watch Out for Warning Signs

There are certain signs that can tell you that someone is of bad intention. These signs are easy to point out. Pickpockets typically behave differently from other travelers. Don’t ignore your gut feeling.

If, for instance, some individuals near you don’t seem too interested in the scenarios that everyone else is excited about, chances are they’re up to something. You may also notice that a stranger is trying to distract you so someone they’re working with can snag your aluminum plate wallet system from behind you. Be on the lookout for such behaviors, and keep your distance from anyone you have doubts about.

4. Opt RFID Blocking Technology

Where your aluminum credit card wallet features certain technologies, consider RFID blocking technology. The technology in a thin RFID wallet is meant to block thieves who use high-tech devices from reading information on your credit cards. The technology is especially beneficial for people who can’t shake off the habit of putting their wallets in their back pockets.

RFID technology is also beneficial when it comes to protecting your personal information if you are going to be traveling to a new destination.


Losing your valuables to a pickpocket can be a painful experience, especially when you are touring a new destination. A good defense mechanism is to invest in an ultra-thin aluminum credit card wallet and keep it safe from ill-meaning individuals. With a few behavioral changes and some extra vigilance, you can make sure that you never fall victim to a pickpocket, no matter how experienced they are