Thank you for your interest in the Fantom Wallet! Here are common questions we've received.

When is the Fantom Wallet available?
The Fantom Wallet is available for ordering now! Most orders are shipped within one week of ordering. If your order isn't shipped after two weeks of ordering, please let us know by sending us an email:

How Do I Track My Package After it is Shipped?
Once an order is shipped, a tracking number will be provided via email. A separate email from Aftership will also be sent with your own tracking link. You may also track your order via the following web site:

Track Your Order

Will the cards fall out if my wallet is not full of cards?
No, the Fantom Wallet is designed such that even if you only had a single card in the wallet, it will not fall out.

How many cards can the Fantom Wallet hold?
The Fantom Wallet comes in three sizes. As some cards are flat (gift card, driver's license, etc) and some cards are embossed (credit cards, bank cards, etc), each size of Fantom Wallet can hold a range of card. To help you determine which size is the perfect match for you, we've created the following chart:


If I order the coin version, can I switch the wallet to not have the coin holder?
No, the coin version Fantom Wallet cannot be modified to become the Fantom Wallet without the coin holder.

Is the money clip removable?
Yes, you need a hex key (which will be included) to remove the money clip.

Is there a lanyard hole?
Yes, on the bottom right corner of the wallet, there's a hole for attaching a lanyard or a keychain.

Can I purchase additional plates to change the color of my wallet?
No, not at this time. We assemble the wallet precisely to ensure it functions properly. We do not recommend taking the wallet apart to change the plates.

Is the Fantom Wallet waterproof/water resistant?
Yes, our wallet will not be damaged with exposure to water. However, we recommend avoiding prolonged exposure, especially to salt water.

Will the Fantom Wallet work with business cards?
No, due to the lack of stiffness and sharp corners of business cards, they will not work inside the Fantom Wallet. We suggest you clip them to your wallet with the money clip.

Can I sit on the Fantom Wallet?
We do not recommend sitting on wallets in general and highly recommend the Fantom Wallet be stored in the front pocket. In fact, sitting on a wallet can be bad for your health as well. More info:

I purchased a Fantom Wallet. How do I insert my cards into the wallet and how do I installed the money clip?
Thank you for purchasing the Fantom Wallet! We provided a user guide with your purchase. On top of that, you can watch the following "How-to" videos.

How to Insert Cards into the Fantom Wallet:


How to Install Money Clip onto the Fantom Wallet:


My cards do not fan out properly in the Fantom Wallet. What can I do?
Please note that there's a brief break-in period to the Fantom Wallet. After about 2 weeks of usage, the cards would fan out easily and smoothly. Also, please ensure your Fantom Wallet is not overloaded with too many cards by following the above Fantom Size Selection Guide.